This section of our Help Center covers the processes and guidelines of Crewlist Listings.

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Guidelines for Listings

Crewlist has a set of Guidelines that determine whether submitted listings are appropriate for public distribution through the Crewlist platform. If a listing fails to meet any of the following criteria it may be refused approval:

  1. Listings should be clearly written with correct grammar and spelling.

  2. Listings should be void of any profanity or offensive content.

  3. Listings must be specific to locations or departments when necessary.

  4. Listings must specify rates or a reasonable rate range when looking for people.

  5. Listings must specify prices or a reasonable price range when selling gear.

  6. Listings must specify current and working phone numbers, email addresses, websites or other forms of preferred responses when these are specified.

  7. Listings that are self-promotional must also provide a clear benefit to the general filmmaking community that outweighs the interests of the poster.

  8. Listings cannot promote or link to any service, product or software that is in competition with any aspect of Crewlist.

Crewlist has the right to refuse or rescind approval for any submitted listing for any reason at any time without notice.